Yield a better week with these time-saving perks

Origen saves time with business-class features

Boost efficiency with the time-saving perks of an Origen network

It’s a normal weekday at the office, and you prepare yourself for the day. But this week is no different than the others. The ear glued to the phone, voicemails firing off, handling and directing calls to the right departments. If only there was a way to get ahead of this basic routine and do actual work!

If this sounds like your ordinary week, then stick around for a while longer to read how Origen’s clients manage their work without feeling stressed at the end of the day. Plus, smaller tasks such as these are efficiently handled, so you can now finish that project you’ve been working on.

Put the basics aside

As a leading telecommunications company, it is our expertise to facilitate all known processes regarding telephony, which include:

  • Automated Call Routing
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Voicemail to Email Transcripts
  • Follow-Me

As their names imply, calls can be automatically routed to the correct department, callers can be assisted via an automated call menu and IVR, voicemails can be accessed via email, and your calls can follow you on your device, so you are not bound within the office walls. All you need to do is configure your infrastructure and the IP phone of your choice, and you are ready to move on.

With that taken care of, you can now focus on your main purpose without wasting your valuable time.

Enjoy the mobility

Most of the time people come across the term ‘remote working’, they figure it has something to do with working from your nearest coffee shop. While the impression is partly true, most do not know the true meaning of remote working, and how it can benefit users as well as the office management.

Being given the mobility equips the user with the freedom to work from anywhere. This means logging in during snow days, in times of a crisis where going out is not advised, and even during sick days if one can feel better at home than at the office.

Apart from being convenient, being in a relaxed environment has improved efficiency and boosted productivity.

Fortune shares the views of 3 of 2015’s Top 100 Companies that embraced remote working.

Another overlooked benefit relates to the reduced amount of time and fuel that is consumed during daily transit, and the reduced amount of carbon emissions. Utility fees have also declined for the office premises due to a remote workforce.

Save on the cloud

Cloud computing has been around for some time, and companies are leaning to it as the business benefits of it come to the surface.

When an organization opts for cloud computing, it reduces the risks of data loss at crucial times, such as in the event of a fire. Saving on the cloud also facilitates file search for users, and makes it easier to divide projects, all the while making it less time consuming than a conventional file saving system.


Still think your week couldn’t get any better? Get expert advice from our experts and IT consultants on plugging your business!

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