“Up above the world so high” – Why you should stay with cloud computing

Cloud computing with VoIP opens new doors for entrepreneurs

Cloud computing with VoIP opens new doors for entrepreneurs

Staying connected has become a necessity more than a luxury, and is one of the basic reasons to seek immediate connectivity, whether it’s available at the café, on the waiting lounge at the dentist’s, or at your partner’s corporate building. Long gone are the days when we were limited (and tolerant enough) to stay within the prescribed number of yards for the cable to stay attached while we fervently tried to get our work done.


With cloud computing on the go, it encompasses the fundamental necessities of a business while relying on an almost virtual framework. Many corporations have made the wise decision to rely on cloud computing, and with an increasing awareness about its financial and corporate benefits, they’ve made the additional decision to stay.


High speed internet such as fiber optic internet has facilitated processes from the home to the office, with broader bandwidths making more room for a faster, cleaner data transfer. An immediate and direct access to important files via this medium makes it ideal for anyone looking for flexibility, reliability, and promptness. President Barack Obama had his own opinion about it:


“Today high-speed broadband is not a luxury, it’s a necessity”


Another sought-after wonder of being on the cloud is data security. Whether the danger comes in the form of natural disasters or loss of important data due to technical issues, managing your data on the cloud eliminates such risks. The cloud acts as a safe house for all corporate and personal files, where they can be accessed under all conditions, from any place.


Here’s why more and more people are opting to keep their corporations above in the clouds.


  • Time Saving: The ability to speed up sign in processes, retrieving documents, and starting as soon as you connect makes the option ideal for entrepreneurs. Save valuable time by connecting on the go!
  • VoIP for remote working: Who said VoIP was for the bosses and managers? This is the network that will act as the base to house cloud management. Now, employees have a greater flexibility to access and start working from wherever they want to.
  • Easy on the pocket: Eliminating the need to buy costly and elaborate telephony equipment, virtual networking saves you from unnecessary expenses. In addition to hardware costs, provisioning is less of a hassle, with almost zero maintenance costs.
  • Secure data access: Natural disasters that result in a loss of data or the inability to access it pose a great threat to many businesses around the world. When this data is safely saved on the internet, it is easily accessible regardless of the ongoing situation.
  • Protection of data: Due to the strict safety regulations that cloud providers must comply with, data breaches and hacking threats are lowered considerably.
  • Business growth: With control over security, maintenance, hardware, and provisioning costs, you can invest that saved money on making a stronger base for your business, making it more resilient in the years to come.



A dependable business network comprised of top-notch technology like fiber optic internet and business VoIP is essential to carry the burden of your organization without problems.


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