Will your business survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

Zombies or earthquakes, VoIP prepares your business for anything

VoIP prepares you for any attacks

Often our mind has been caught off-track when it begins to ponder over the near future. Whether it’s Doomsday, a zombie apocalypse, or artificial intelligence taking over to destroy humanity, the human species has long feared and strived to avoid any such tragic consequences.


In an entrepreneurial niche, while such beliefs are often discarded, it is equally essential to construct a survival guide to outlive the dangers of imminent catastrophes. No, these are not actual zombies ravaging through your office building, but they could be anything from destructive data loss, natural calamities, or a serious security breach.


So, what precautions can you integrate in your business strategy to tackle all known disasters?


Brace your important data


What could be the best way to keep your data intact even when the hardware has malfunctioned? That method is keeping it safely tucked away in a virtual storage, which is the exact definition of cloud computing. This strategy has become a favorite among a large group of businesses, where an average of 25% of those using it have attained unexpected positive results. Apart from being a safe house for your critically important data, it’s far more reachable and independent.


Security breaches are no more


Hackers will not hesitate to get hold of all your voice and internet information. Although many measures are taken for internet security threats, seldom do they give a thought to voice security. At Origen, calls travel through your own private IP loop, giving Voice over internet protocol a competitive edge over traditional networks. So your conversations are kept completely in the dark.


Snow, hail, or rain – Neither can stop you now


Cancelled meetings and absent employees are no longer causes for financial loss. Use a VoIP phone to connect worldwide with up to 12 extensions, and manage conferences with Hi-Q voice technology. Sign in as an employee via your credentials, and make your business grow regardless of the weather conditions.


Go for durability with fiber


Known for their durability, light weight, and flexibility, fiber optic cables offer more than just physical strength. They are harder to tap and break into, as the light signal immediately detects any kind of intervention. With no electric field interference, and being absolutely water-proof, your framework is safer as compared to copper cables. Lesser bulk allows the whole structure to fit conveniently in one closet. And last but not least, broader bandwidths assure faster data transfer, which could be crucial during emergencies.


Predictions and superstitions have brought forward the benefit of developing precautionary measures. Whether or not these come true, it is always best to be prepared. We do not want to become history.


Want to know how armed your business is? We can help you out!