How much do missed calls cost your business?

Missed calls cost businesses more than they think

Missed calls cost businesses more than they think

Although modern technology has opened the doors to multiple business communication channels like email, instant messaging, and video conferences, the average person would prefer picking up the phone and making a call. We’re talking about a huge 80% of business interactions. Let’s think about this for a moment.

If your company fails to receive 1 out of 10 calls, and if your company/call center receives about 500 calls per day, that would leave 100 unattended calls, which means 100 lost leads. Can your company afford to lose that much?

Furthermore, a survey* says that if prospects do decide to call again, they will only attempt it for a second time before moving on to a competitor.

How can you possibly reach 100% call attendance, when your employees have their hands full? Is there a way to decrease the number of dropped calls during peak hours?

Good news, there is. You can avoid missed calls by adopting the following measures:

Set up Call Queues

Call Queues are a way to line up calls in the order with which they were received, so first callers are attended first. This method has helped businesses handle large call volumes during peak hours, as callers are informed via an automated message about how long they have to wait until their call is received. Also, they have the option to either hang up and call at a later hour, or go through the IVR menu for self-help. This way, your callers will be attended even if your agents are not available. Compare that to a call that was never received.


Are you often found in places other than your desk? For SMBs with a handful of employees, this is mostly the case. This means any call directed at your office desk phone has very high chances of going unanswered.

With Follow-Me technology, calls are routed to whichever device you choose, be it your personal mobile phone, or a coworker’s desk phone. Calls can also be routed to multiple devices, which means the call will bounce from one device to the other until the call is received. The last option will lead to voicemail, which, if recorded properly, will be as helpful as talking to a representative. A proper voicemail recording is important, as 75% of people will hang up as soon as they hear a voicemail option.

Follow these steps to make a compelling voicemail message, so you never get hanged up on again!

Get IVR for automatic assistance

Sometimes, it’s just not possible to be available on a live call at some moments. In such cases, don’t let your preoccupations backlash on your business. Have an automated IVR set up, with all the necessary options on the menu, so your callers always get the help they need.

Make sure your customer service is up to the mark with an IVR!


*Check this infographic for the full details

How many calls does your business leave unattended? Stop losing your customers by applying these methods, and start getting positive feedback!

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