How VoIP Pairs with Unified Communications to Enhance User Experience

Paired with Unified Communications, VoIP assists in giving a unique user experience

Paired with Unified Communications, VoIP assists in giving a unique user experience

Unified communications have been helping businesses collaborate and communicate without the obstacles that often interrupt user experience. Often represented as UC, unified communications merge various business communication platforms into one, such as the transcription of voicemail into a readable email.

The convenience of having one ‘layer’ over which all communications can be exchanged, as well as to be able to reduce time and effort is the reason why this has become a rising trend. It is also the reason why a UC market prediction by Infonetics says it will reach $88 billion in 2018.

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VoIP, which uses the internet to transfer voice data, can be considered a distant example of UC. But how?

That’s because it allows basic communication features to flow from one platform to another. Some examples include:

  • Follow Me: The smartphone has made it possible to access almost anyone regardless of where they’re at. Follow Me is a feature that allows calls to go from device to device until the receiver has been reached. It can also be processed to be diverted to a second destination when unavailable. This makes space for greater mobility and broadens the meaning of independence outside office premises.
  • Voicemail-to-Email: We tend to ignore our voicemail from time to time, squeezing out just enough time to skim through the notifications. Email, on the other hand, is the medium of priority when it comes to important messages. Luckily, VoIP Phones can easily transcript voice to text, which can include all caller information. For example when applied to the customer service department, the email can include the client’s previous history with the firm, products/services bought, and other vital information that would smooth out future contact procedures.
  • Freedom to Choose: The core of a business is to adapt itself to the convenience of its clients. This includes giving them a variety of options to choose from when they reach out to you. Be it instant messaging, voice calls, email, or text messages/chat, unified communications makes it possible to use any required
  • Never Outgrow Your Plan: Scalability and customization are characteristics both VoIP and UC have in common; there is no expansion limit to your business, neither do you have to pay for unwanted services.

Paired together as one seamless platform, UC and VoIP have succeeded in making business processes as efficient as possible.

Learn how we can set your business up to avail these benefits!

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