Undo Send has come to the rescue – finally.

Undo Send is a life saver in such situations

Undo Send is a life saver in such situations

Remember that time when you sent Jack a very detailed email on how you hate that same Jack, complete with pictures you secretly took of him to elaborate why? Or when you were feeling lonely and decided to whip up a cheesy poem to your significant other, only to realize your scarred-for-life mother was the recipient of it?

After many years full of humiliating (if you were the sender) and unwanted (if you were the receiver) email experiences, Google has finally put on its cape and come to our rescue with what is known as the Undo Send feature.

To everyone’s relief, this feature can now give senders a countdown until the message is a go to be sent.

Needless to say, the benefits of this are life-saving. Whether it’s a message sent to the wrong recipient, forgetting to include a promised attachment, or a drastic autocorrect like one of these, the majority of the population using Gmail has probably already changed the setting. I mean, who wouldn’t?

The feature lies under the ‘General’ tab of your settings. Click on ‘Enable Undo Send’, and choose the amount of time you will be given to reconsider sending a particular mail. There is an option to select between 5-30 seconds.


Gmail >Settings >General >Undo Send

Gmail >Settings >General >Enable Undo Send

This feature, however, will be void if no action is seen after the selected time, nor if there happens to be a connectivity problem.

Do you have any experiences you could have avoided with this feature? Feel free to share!

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