The Top 5 Perks of Fiber Internet

Fiber internet has its set of perks

Having a fiber internet connection holds a number of benefits


While the majority of you searching for a fiber solution are in the lookout for larger, broader benefits to your company, there are some benefits that can be overlooked but not underrated.

These are the small things that integrate to form a strong, resilient infrastructure that can withstand much more than ordinary cable and traditional networks.

Why should this interest me if it’s not business-profit related?

Well, that’s because no matter how minor they may seem, fiber internet perks like fewer data hacks and easy maintenance might just get you out of a handful of trouble. Read on.

Perk #1

No Data Breach

Fiber optic cable is a thin glass wire that transfers data via light signals. What’s the only way to get through it? To break it.

This sends off zero output, signaling the offices that something is wrong. Since the data travels at the speed of light, this notification will also reach you at the same speed.

The lightweight and less bulky infrastructure lets you conveniently store your whole data center within your premises, further reducing the risk of a breach.

Perk #2

Full privacy

As previously described, tapping in your fiber system is impossible without seeing a giant red flag. Moreover, with Origen’s private IP looping, all your voice data stays within our centers, keeping your conversations out of the reach of the world.

Perk #3

Less hassles

Unlike copper wiring which needs amplifiers at specific distances to strengthen the signal, fiber wiring does not allow the loss of strength, and hence signals do not need to be revived during the transfer. With the capacity to travel from 300 meters to 40 kilometers, fiber internet has been gaining momentum in various industries.

Perk #4

Large Bandwidth Capacity

Fiber has a much larger bandwidth capacity than copper wiring (it can carry 3,000,000 full duplex calls), all without the lag and distortion copper often faces. This means zero interruptions and smoother business processes for you.

Perk #5

Extreme Resistance

Fiber optic cable is fairly flexible, lightweight, and is much more resistant to bends and breaks. When compared to copper wiring, fiber optic wiring does not interfere with any type of hardware even within close proximity.

Lighting, power surges, and chemical corrosion does no harm to the strong outer glass layer of the fiber. Because the light signal does not need to be very strong, fiber internet does not demand intense power, saving your enterprise money that can be spent elsewhere.

Think this is not good enough? You can get free expert advice to see how your business can benefit from fiber.

So, what are you waiting for?

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