The Polycom IP 7000 is the King of Conference Phones

The most powerful phone to conduct large meetings

The Polycom IP 7000 is built for large conference rooms

After having built separate conference room solutions for small and medium sized rooms, Polycom has built yet another technological innovation dedicated to a large scale use.

Designed to tend to the needs of a bigger audience, the Polycom IP 7000 never fails to give an excellent performance. Perfect for auditoriums, large conference rooms, and executive offices, this phone is one of a kind in the list of VoIP telephony.

Are you ready to experience conferences like never before? Buckle up!

Expandability: Plug in a couple of expansion microphones, and let the sound spread to all corners. While the internal microphone is strong enough to reverberate HD Voice up to 20 feet across, additional microphones make sure every word has been conveyed.

HD Voice with Acoustic Clarity: Each word that goes to and from the phone’s speaker and microphone is crystal clear; there are simply no chances of missing out on any part of a meeting. Polycom lets your team get the best of conferences.

Automatic Gain Control: Keeping in mind the diversity in which the participants could be seated, this intelligent technology adjusts its voice sensitivity with respect to the position of the attendees. No more loud voice rattling or dim ghostly sounds.

SIP interoperability: With support for any SIP software out there, this phone offers a wide array of possibilities and provisioning features.

Large, Bright Display: A clear display allows the user to keep track of the call status, and an XHTML microbrowser allows a multitude of options and applications to choose from.

Power Options: Can work on PoE as well as on an AC supply (optional power kit available)

Let us help you solve your enterprise’s big needs. We customize accordingly, and offer what best suits your specific requirements.

User Review
  • Voice Clarity - 10/10
  • Conference Experience - 9/10
  • Sound Quality - 6/10


Based on a series of user experiences with the product, the overall performance had a positive reaction. While some experienced issues with the sound, the phone's extension microphones helped significantly.


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