The Impact of Distance Education through the Internet

Distance education has become widespread as it is affordable and accessible.

Students worldwide benefit from distance education thanks to the internet

Distance education through the internet has been around for around a decade, where initial years consisted of learning through recorded television courses and online programs. As the years passed, this learning platform began to adopt features that would transform the way students learned.

Fast forward to the recent couple of years, and you find scores of tools to facilitate education not only for students, but to provide professors and instructors the right tools to be able to engage students from afar. This includes creating accessible resources and forming an interactive scenario, so their learning experience feels as real as possible.

Salman Khan, the founder of a virtual education platform Khan Academy and Khan Lab School in Mountan view, believes his efforts will make education more affordable as well as accessible. This is crucial for countries that cannot afford administration and maintenance expenses to run an institution, but where education is equally important for its prosperity.

Khan is the author of “One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined”, and has also shared his views in the Ted Talk “Let’s Use Video to Reinvent Education”.

“This is a lab for establishing new theories that could affect the rest of the planet,” Khan says. “The whole point is to catalyze change.”

Video collaboration is the latest and most advanced technology in this field, where students are able to interact in real time with the ongoing lecture. As in a real classroom, video conferences and lectures allows for an exchange of questions and ideas, as well as discussions on a wide set of subjects. With a high speed internet service provider, the experience becomes much more real. A clear voice and crisp video quality spares no room for confusion.

These tools can cut down administrative costs by having remote staff to conduct lectures, as well as reduce the transportation costs as far as 30% for students who study from home as well as for tutors working remotely.

One of our client terminals, Polycom, is an advanced collaboration tools provider which has been serving worldwide to connect people around the world. Their solutions for education include state-of-the-art technology and video conferencing equipment, paving the way to a connected and educated world.

Explore how the correct equipment paired with a high speed internet service provider can help your institution make a difference.

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