The Cloud Can Help Tackle These Common Video Conferencing Challenges

Cloud helps tackle these common video conferencing challenges

Make your video conferencing experience remarkable with the cloud


Who has the time to get on the next train or bus every time an important meeting or project calls for you? Even if you have your own vehicle, transportation is not the first option that comes to mind. At least not anymore.

With devices that are literally under our noses, it now makes more sense to plug in and connect to a virtual video conferencing session than to set foot outside.

However, video conferencing comes with its own set of challenges. Take a look at the most common issues faced by users, and how a cloud solution can help alleviate them.


Having a remote workforce

If your business has relocated or expanded to multiple branches, there is a great chance you might have a couple (or more) employees who just cannot make a physical appearance every single day. Does that mean you should let them go? Certainly not.

Having a cloud network means those employees can access and sign in to their work accounts from anywhere – making late arrivals and absences almost non-existent. Once logged in, a video conferencing session can get your business up and running without having to depend on their physical presence.


Security over the network

Security precautions are often overlooked, making companies vulnerable to attacks and hackers. This should never be a concern if you have invested in trustworthy and reliable infrastructure like Cisco and Microsoft Azure.

When your privacy is safe, you can move on to your plans and presentations via video conferencing without any fear of a breach.


Connecting meeting rooms and finding the right equipment

No meeting can ever look professional if it includes 5 entrepreneurs huddled over a single laptop camera. However, with the correct measures you can make this experience remarkable.

With smart telecommunication devices such as those that allow each participant to be at the center of the screen when they speak out (while sitting on individual, well-spaced seats), you can rest assured that meetings will never have to be limited to the 4 walls of your company meeting room. Polycom offers a wide range of telepresence and video conferencing models where both voice and video quality is assured. You can also choose according to the size of your audience and meeting room.

By hosting meetings on the cloud, you can connect with people you never thought you could meet with before.

Expansion and growth

One of the best things about cloud is their scalability and ability to expand as you grow. What if your meetings grow bigger and bigger? What if your clients need a 3-way conference? It can all be possible by choosing the right equipment and cloud solution to go with your needs.


Find the best match with the help of our IT experts to get the best out of your video conferencing experience.

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