2017 Trends to Look For in The Technology Sector

2017 will bring new technology as well as bring upgrades to the existing one

2017 will bring new technology as well as bring upgrades to the existing one


With the year 2016 in the past and the year 2017 paving its way into our lives, we can begin to expect further development in all affairs that 2016 left behind. One of the fastest developing niche is the technology sector, which never ceases to make the headlines after an important discovery, better research, or recent updates.

That being said, the year 2017 is going to bring us a multitude of shiny new products, services, technologies and discoveries. Here’s some 2017 trends we can keep an eye out for:



In light of the increasingly morbid hacking events that broke out in 2016, cybersecurity is undoubtedly going to be a priority (or at least it should).

From the political perspective with claims of Russian hackers being behind the election’s results to Hillary’s leaked emails, from the stolen $72 million worth of Bitcoin currency to the one billion Yahoo! accounts affected by one of the largest breaches in history, and from the humorous hackers falsely proclaiming the pop star Britney Spears to be dead to the DDoS attack that left the entire East U.S. Coast without internet, cybersecurity is not something organizations should be complacent about if they want to be safe from this year onward.


Chatbots and Personal Assistants

Rising artificial intelligence applications have led to a smart era that’s only getting smarter. Chatbots and personal assistants no longer rely solely on the information they were programmed with; they read into the user’s particular patterns and personality and apply it accordingly.

But that was very limited, such as a user setting a reminder for a chore or using the bot’s help in booking a flight.

Businesses have piped in and started to apply these personal bots to a greater purpose, such as to teach them customer service. There is a great chance that businesses will implement next-level assistance in the coming year.


VR and AR

This one won’t come as a surprise. We’ve seen Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift, Microsoft HoloLens and Google Daydream make their entries in the Virtual Reality realm. AR also broke records after the release of the now dwindling Pokemon GO game.

But VR and AR are not limited to games. Sure, people love gaming to an extremely dedicated extent, which is good news for the entertainment industry, but limiting it to leisure doesn’t do it justice.

VR has been used in business as early as 2015 as seen by Mariott Hotels in New York to enable newlyweds to experience and choose a honeymoon spot that is up to their taste. Since VR and AR has gained so much popularity, it won’t be long before more and more businesses use it to better display their products and create a virtual product experience.

Hopefully, VR and AR gear will dive deeper into future years than the ill-fated Google Glass.


Cloud Migration

While there are still those companies and organizations that still doubt the cloud, there are those that have gone beyond that uncertainty and have adopted (or soon will) migration to the cloud.

Apart from security issues which are disturbingly overlooked, there is an entire world of possibilities which will continue to attract the crowd. These possibilities include a reduction in the need to manually manage your infrastructure, secure backup plans and recovery options like DRaaS, and an increase in mobility and reach for companies that plan to branch out or relocate this year.


Driverless and Electric Cars

Cars have been a hot topic since long ago, but 2016 was particularly nice to them. We saw Google’s development on its tiny car as it cruised through the streets without any human interaction, and learnt how autonomous cars could change the lives of many, including the blind. We also learnt how Tesla is focusing on renewable energy and applying it to create sustainable vehicles and transportation.

Speaking of sustainability, each passing year brings an increase in the carbon footprint of the planet, and any incentive to reduce and possibly eliminate it is highly appreciated. It can be safely said that electric cars are here to stay, and we can expect fuel-engine manufacturers to step in very soon.


Do you think we missed some hot trends for 2017? What are some trends you are looking forward to?

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