Students can use VoIP to work and study together

With VoIP, studying and working is not a problem

With VoIP, studying and working is not a problem


VoIP might sound like something your IT guy knows more about, with its field of use being limited to the business world and the tech-savvy consumer. Yet there is much more to it than high speeds and counting profits.


VoIP, which is known to facilitate virtual assignments for those who have incorporated it, has extended its reach to make things easy for the average student. After proving its potential to provide ease and attentiveness to the employees of a corporation, the same aspect applies to students who desire to work along with keeping up with their education.


I’m a student, not a businessman. What can VoIP do for me?


If you depend on your institution to make long-distance calls during your educational tenure, you should thank VoIP for it. With the technology of voice over internet protocol, you can make free internet phone calls with no extra call costs. Most universities rely on this communication medium—not just for the calls, but for the reliable internet connection that helps its students and staff gather essential information for their projects.


I want to work as well as study, can VoIP make it possible?


In today’s world, many students wish to rid themselves of student loans, while others desire to have an investment opportunity as soon as they graduate. Whatever the reason, working at a young age is something many youngsters are considering when they are still enrolled. Unfortunately, many factors make it difficult to put this plan into action, such as:


  • Distance—The time and money spent in commuting surpasses the amount they earn
  • Time clash—The course time usually coincides with the 9 to 5 office timings
  • Exam season—It’s obviously hard to keep a steady login when exams approach


Fortunately, VoIP has the solution to each and every one of these problems. With remote working as a possibility, students have nothing to worry about, since:


  • VoIP allows you to work from home, eliminating travel issues
  • Opting for the evening shift, from the comfort of your house makes work less tedious
  • Scheduling with the help of numerous apps and programs on the internet can help you plan out what you need to do during exams.


Other than the flexibility this medium offers in terms of working remotely, a survey says:


“Whether remote workers are able to work with greater efficiency off-site or are more motivated to demonstrate off-site effectiveness, of the 39% who work remotely at least a few times per month, 77% report greater productivity while working off site with 30% accomplishing more in less time and 24% accomplishing more in the same amount of time. 23% are even willing to work longer hours than they normally would on site to accomplish more while 52% are less likely to take time off when working remotely—even when sick.”


To sum it up, if you are a student and wish to avail an opportunity to keep up with a career, let VoIP help!