Remote Working is about the people, not the place.

Remote working empowers people, irregardless of location

Remote working empowers people, irregardless of location

Thanks to the increasing dependence on technology, the worker of today has found a way to add flexibility to dependence – by taking technology wherever he goes.

This trend has extended to professional life, where workers now look forward to be granted the freedom they need to boost productivity.

Polycom’s remote worker Lindsay Daniels is an employee who has dared to take her workplace around the world, and shares her experience:

“…the freedom to work anywhere isn’t really about where you work, but how you work.”


In her recent encounter in Europe, she writes about a recent survey, in which:


“72 percent of businesses reported increased productivity as a result of flexible working practices.”

“…a survey from the Global Leadership Summit in London found that 25 percent of business leaders said they anticipated that more than three-quarters of their employees would not be working in a traditional office by 2020.”

Enterprises have been giving flexibility and mobility as part of their business solutions. Why not give entrepreneurs the same?

While remote working reduces commuting time as well as the resources to get to the traditional office, keeping in mind how traffic increases during typical 9 to 5 margins, this innovation is about maximizing the potential of an average worker.

With the perfect technology and equipment, paired with well-known services like VoIP that support remote working, never worry about staring at the same walls during your career.

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