Polycom IP 6000 – The mid-size solution

Polycom 6000 phone

The Polycom IP 6000 suits mid-sized conference rooms

Previously we discussed the Polycom IP 5000 as the optimum phone for small rooms and conferences. Today, we will take a step higher and introduce the next phone in the series, which is built to facilitate conferences taking place in medium sized rooms.

Just like in any Polycom IP phone, a crystal-clear voice quality guarantees each word is heard as natural as it was said. Worry no more about missing meeting minutes; the Polycom 6000 makes meetings flawless, even enjoyable.

We share the aspects that makes the phone one of its kind:

Supports a larger group: Gather your colleagues, the Polycom reaches out to each and every corner of the room, so there’s no repeating. Polycom’s Acoustic Clarity technology provides the best user experience.

Robustly Resistant: Other than being easy to use and interoperable with a number of SIP platforms, the phone is built to resist interference from electronic devices, bidding farewell to static, lag, echo, and other sound-related problems.

Parts that matter: A 12- foot microphone pickup lets every person in the room hear—and be heard.

Bright display: A brilliant high-resolution display helps in distinguishing the call status and scroll between its multilingual options.

Power over Ethernet support: The phone can operate over PoE, as well as use an AC power supply to run over non-PoE settings.

If you are searching for an impeccable, uninterrupted conferencing experience, complete with pro-level tech specs, and a piece of remarkable hardware to conduct your mid-sized room meetings, look no further than the Polycom IP 6000 SIP phone.

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User Review
  • Performance - 10/10
  • Sound Quality - 10/10
  • Provisioning - 10/10


Users rated the product highly, being satisfied with the performance, sound, and easy set-up procedure. Some were concerned with the price of the phone, but most believed it was clearly worth it.


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