Plantronics WO300 – The Complete Headset

The Plantronics WO300 is ideal as a VoIP office headset

The Plantronics WO300 is ideal as a VoIP office headset


Designed to merge phone and PC communications, Plantronics has combined utility and ergonomics into a single wireless headset system: the WO300, which lets users access a multitude of communication devices. With a perfect connectivity like VoIP telephony, which specializes in high quality voice transfer via equally high quality equipment, avail all the benefits of incorporating this headset into your office environment and maximize your performance.




The Plantronics WO300 is not your ordinary office headset. Take a peek at the features that make this product remarkable!




Packed with enterprise-class technology, it enables you to connect to whichever device you prefer. One single button permits the transition from the desk phone, to the PC softphone, or to attend via PC audio.


Sound Quality:


Equipped with noise cancelling headphones and a crisp voice quality, never suffer from substandard call experiences again. The wireless monaural headset with Boom Mic, SoundGuard hearing protection for optimum sound, and a noise cancelling microphone renders an optimum call experience


Technological Integrations:


In addition to the above mentioned features, this headset comprises of the following advancements:


  • Digital Signal Processing Technology
  • Ability to function wirelessly up to 350 feet
  • Can hold a 4-line conference
  • One-button command
  • Wideband support for up to a range of 6800 Hz
  • 9 hours talk time on battery


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User Review
  • Mobility - 10/10
  • Sound Quality - 8/10
  • Performance - 10/10


Users of this product were satisfied with it, and expressed regret as the sale of this product had been discontinued.