Origen participates in Fondation Amal’s 2015 Spartan Race

Origen supports Fondation Amal's cause

Julian poses with Fondation Amal’s team

May 24th marked the event that has since long been a ray of hope for disabled children around Canada. Fondation Amal partnered up and created a series of thrilling events that all funnel down to donations for the cause.

Origen’s representative Julian Minvielle stepped up and participated in the race courses, beating obstacles and moving forward to help precious children live better lives. His athletic passion earned him recognition among the attendees, where people from all over the city gathered round to support the initiative. This year’s Spartan Race proved to be yet another beacon in the organization’s series of events.

Origen is a proud supporter and participant of the Spartan Race

Origen is a proud supporter and participant of the Spartan Race


Fondation Amal has previously joined forces with Spartan to raise awareness and donations to children who have suffered from deformities and disabilities. The collections will provide the needed resources that will ensure the proper nourishment and care they deserve. 





Helping them get their smiles back

Helping them get their smiles back


The race was a source of motivation for the physically challenged who wished to become part of the event, who were chosen by a tag partner to stand by them during the course.


We aim to help bring smiles on the faces of innocent and deserving people, and to help make up for the deficiencies they hold.









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