Order in the nick of time with the Amazon Dash button

The sloth just got lazier

The sloth just got lazier

Ordering took a big plot twist when Amazon launched a tiny plastic product that could forever change the demand-supply law.


The Amazon Dash button is a Wi-Fi enabled piece of hardware that saves you from late night trips to the grocery store. With delivery services within one hour for Prime One users, and an overall impeccable delivery assurance, this innovation increases sales by letting buyers know they can have what they want whenever they want it.


While it is generally centered on daily household items such as for washing powder, diapers, or cosmetic products, chances are these real-life widgets will soon apply for larger products and appliances.


Amazon’s insight into delivery and responsiveness has been running in the line since the company was founded. “This is not the sad, black-and-white world of late-night infomercials, but real life”, says Amazon. With intentions to form quicker, more reliable ordering procedures, we can predict this to be a favorite for those that are frequent buyers of a specific product.


How it Works


The button works by sending a Wi-Fi signal to place an order. A blinking light represents that the order has been sent, and a green light shows that the command has been processed. Multiple button-pushes do not pose threats of over-ordering, as the next order can only be placed after the first has been delivered at your doorstep.


This recent invention is proof that humans will continue to reduce the simplest of tasks into the push of a button, literally!