Mitel 6873 SIP Phone Review


Mitel has released yet another phone that has telecom industries excited to get their hands on it: the Mitel 6873

With a large bright color touch display that makes up almost half of the phone itself, the 6873 SIP telephone brings a whole new range of possibilities to the conference table.

An additional update 4.2.0. in the user interface of the system enhances the visual aspects of the phone, making it easier to navigate and operate. This includes:

  • Avatars and thumbnails instead of traditional contact numbers and extensions makes it easy to recognize the relevant person.
  • A minimal color scheme does not distract the user away from the call; all aspects are used with the sole purpose to mark relevant functions within the screen.
  • Font size for headings/titles is large enough for the whole conference room to see clearly, while a smaller font is used for details.

The features that are specific to and make the Mitel 6873 unique are:

  • A 7” 800×480 pixel touch screen with an on-screen touch keyboard
  • Support for 24 lines with 2 dedicated line keys
  • 48 programmable soft keys customizable over 4 pages
  • HD Audio with support for hearing aid compatible headsets
  • Support for up to 3 extension modules
  • Embedded Bluetooth for wireless headset support
  • Speakerphone for excellent acoustics around the whole conference room
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE Class 3)
  • Security features such as admin login passwords and PIN input to activate phone lock
  • Multilingual support in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Nordic, Russian, Portuguese, Greek, as well as downloadable language packs and translations.
  • Comes in 100% recyclable and eco-friendly packaging

If your business is looking for an innovative and modern telephony solution that is as effective in conferences as it is on individual desks, the Mitel 6873 SIP Phone is a phone with a promise.

User Review
  • User Experience - 10/10
  • Sound Quality - 10/10


Being the newest in the 6800 series, and bringing with it update 4.2.0. in its system, the 6873 Mitel SIP Phone grants the same impeccable voice quality as with all Mitel products, along with further improved features that takes the experience to a whole new level.


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