Match your corporate needs to customized business internet services

Let us help you choose which business internet services will work the best

Let us help you choose which business internet services will work the best for you

With all size businesses around the world ranging from local SMBs to Fortune 500 companies, it becomes tricky to make a one-time decision on which telephony and business internet services to choose from. While some internet providers deal with enterprises, others have just enough capacity to meet the needs of an average SMB.

Some SMBs can manage their whole operations using average telephony tools such as call-forwarding, voicemail, or conference calling.

On the other hand, larger corporations need more equipment for call centers, multiple extensions, and the ability to hold calls with much more than 3 people, which is easy to achieve with VoIP phones that support a wide range of lines and conferences.

Mid-sized and growing businesses, however, often face a dilemma while picking out the best option. Choose the most basic package, and it will create shortcomings. Choose the next and they end up subscribing for extra services they might not need at all, taking a huge chunk off their budget.

This is when customized business internet services come in. Pick what you need, leave what you don’t. Simple as that.

Here’s an easy guide that will make choosing the right equipment/services a breeze:

For SMB’s

If making calls is a major part of your average workday, then you know how it feels to receive that bill at the end of the month. This is particularly troubling when your budget is limited. If only there was a way to make calls cheaper, right?

VoIP combines your internet connection with your telephone, so any calls you make go through the internet. Not only does this make call costs negligible, but choose the right VoIP Phone and ensure Hi-Q voice quality while you’re at it. Why risk your brand image with choppy calls?

Mitel’s Aastra IP Phones offer a wide range of options depending on the extent. Get help from a representative now!

For Large Enterprises

Your company is always in constant transition, and so are your resources. The greatest obstacle any business faces during this transition is having to change and upgrade as it grows, which is only possible if scalability is in the books.

Be it business hardware such as conference-compatible phones, extension modules for when the default phone settings are not enough, or the number of lines in your infrastructure such as for an expanding call center, Origen’s services are flexible and scalable, which means you can come by anytime and have your network configured just the way you like it.

Polycom’s Conference Phones are ideal for when three-way calling is not enough, which include Hi-Q sound technology for a clearer voice throughout the room. Let a professional help you choose!

For Companies around the World

Multinational companies have the tendency to hire employees from around the world, which is a challenge when office timings have to synchronize with every individual’s schedule. This can be well handled when remote working is an option.

Remote working allows employees to log in to their company network from anywhere, and work as if they are present in the office. Video and voice conferencing make real-time collaboration as simple as pushing a button to make a call, and cut international call costs thanks to VoIP. When voice is routed through the internet, costs become negligible.

Are you a multinational company looking for telecommunication solutions? Get a free assessment from one of our experts!

For Entrepreneurs on the Move

Who said a business should stay in the office? For busy entrepreneurs who are always up and about, staying connected is an essential part of their work. While starters would keep their personal devices with them at all times, sharing a personal number for commercial operations is not a good idea in the long run. Secondly, it just isn’t professional.

Origen’s business internet services keep things formal. You can call anyone from your personal device (or any desired number), and make it seem as if you are calling from your company number. Turning that around, you can receive calls on your personal device when someone dials your company number, so you are always reachable.

Feel professionally disconnected? Find out how our solutions work to give you the mobility you deserve!

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