Is your website mobile-friendly? You might want to double check

Your website may be penalized for not being compatible on mobiles

Your website may be penalized for not being compatible on mobiles

This is what Google was up to when launching the ‘Mobile Friendly Test’ for company websites in late 2014. This action should have hinted websites to focus on their responsiveness when users browsed on mobile devices, that is, to be sure their companies don’t shy out of the ‘mobile-friendly’ category.


This is bad news as well as good news for all companies. The bad news are reserved for those that do not yet have implemented easy browsing on smaller screens, whose websites will be penalized with a lower ranking. The good news, on the other hand, turns the tide for those that are available for web browsing on mobiles. Google will prioritize rankings according to mobile-friendliness, which gives them an edge over other sites. This applies to any site that contains the keyword, even if it is simply the definition of said term. This means if we look for ‘leather jackets’, there may be a definitions website ranking better than an actual online leather jacket shop, which proves to be a drastic algorithmic decision:



Google Mobile Friendly Search Result


With 77% of the population using cell phones for their daily search craving, this step makes complete sense. With a 24/7 internet availability almost everywhere, and with the majority of the population engrossed in their portable devices, the number of searches increases accordingly.


Further, the more the websites require zooming and scrolling right and left, the greater the bounce rate will be for them. Admit it, no one likes to turn the page in mid-sentence.


Google, as with all of its intuitive developments, aims to provide the best search experience, this time directed at mobile users. Intended to be applied from the 21st of April this year, this could be the call to action for those that are still idling about such issues.


If you really want to save yourself from losing the SEO you’ve been working on, it’s a wise choice to invest in a web designer than to invest in the upcoming turmoil that will ensue when then Googlebot shows up.