Is the internet a monster? What can we do about VoIP security threats?

Origen's IP loops secure voice privacy

Voice protection can save you from a lot of trouble

The internet has changed since we first got our hands on it, and so has our perception about its advantages. From the most common internet threats to notorious hacking feats, the internet does not seem like such a magical place after all.

Picture this: You subscribe to a new business internet service provider, and intend to manage internal tasks on the cloud. Everyone is talking about it, so why not try it out?

But as soon as you begin uploading the first important data file, you wonder: ‘What if someone steals my data? I’m literally exposing my information on the internet! What if my company gets hacked??’

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Being paranoid about privacy on the internet is one of the most natural feelings people experience when they put their trust in any internet service provider. With increasingly massive data hack reports on the news, the paranoia increases.

Although tech giants like Target and Sony are more likely to be under fire, every other company is at the same level of risk.

So you decide to place your not-so-private files on the cloud, and when needed, to share vital information such as credit card numbers, PIN numbers, or any other sensitive data via voice, because putting such information on text is simply not comfortable. The bad news is that hackers have figured out how to get to your voice too!

Remember how Smart TV’s warned us about being careful around them?

Imagine the loss you could face if your business calls get tracked down. Your plans, ideas, movements, everything that is essential to keep your company alive will be exposed.

The good news, on the other hand, is that voice privacy is now possible with Origen’s private IP looping, which completely eliminates the chances of having your data sniffed on the internet. With all your data passing through our own internal systems, VoIP security threats are non-existent, and no external breach is possible.

Your privacy is as important to us as our own. Take a step and let us protect it.

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