How to Incorporate Work into your Holiday – Tips for the Workaholic

Don't let your work pile up when you get back from a holiday

Don’t let your work pile up when you get back from a holiday

There are times when we need to take the day off. Then there are times when we take a full holiday. For a workaholic, this can cause more stress than joy. The same can apply to anyone whose position at work is of a very significant nature, and the rest of the work relies heavily on their input. For such people, clocking out for more than a day (or even a few hours for extremely work-oriented people) only means more work piling up, and a sense of guilt that kicks in as the hours pass (if it sounds familiar, this is for you).

Needless to say, vacations happen. Not only does this give employees a chance to connect with their friends and family and reduce the gap that formed over the year, but also grants better mental and physical well being.

Here are a few hand-picked tips to get you through the holidays without feeling left out of the picture:

Take your work with you

You read that right. I know, this is exactly the opposite of what a holiday is meant for, but bear with me.

Working remotely doesn’t mean following the 9 to 5 routine (if it still exists) from somewhere other than the office. It means getting stuff done whenever possible, from wherever you are, at whatever time that suits you. If your job requires your attendance, this solution can help you fit in a few hours without feeling overworked. Simply put, it allows you to collaborate without missing out.

Set your clocks to synchronize with the rest of the team

The first challenge people often face when they go on a holiday is the time zone swap that makes it easy to sleep during the day and what keeps you up at night. This also affects how you reach out to the rest of the team. Set a time that overlaps with the time they are active. Working at least 2-3 hours in sync boosts productivity, and eliminates any holdups caused by the lack of coordination.

Find a reliable connection as close as possible

The easier it will be to connect, the easier and quicker you can get things done. Most hotels offer telephone services and internet, which lets you work from your bed. Beats having to get out and find a café or working station.

If the hotel has a VoIP infrastructure and IP phones in all rooms, any calls you make will be charged much less than standard calls made on ordinary phone lines, even international ones. This makes it much easier on the pocket.

Here’s how you to take your office number with you on vacation. Your callers won’t even suspect you’re out!

Last but not least – Enjoy!

The flexibility that remote working offers is what makes it so popular. Enjoy your holiday when you’re not working, and don’t worry about returning to the office with work piled up!

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