How the internet has modernized the transport industry – for good

The internet has changed the way transportation industries connect

The internet has changed the way transportation industries connect

Name something that hasn’t been affected by the internet.

From a tech-giant’s newest invention to the way we socialize, everything we do is now accompanied with a ubiquitous independence on the internet.

In a business niche, the situation becomes more critical. Because so many business processes now rely on a precise and sturdy means of communication, the internet becomes a necessity.

Like all industries, the transportation industry has been subject to a remarkable change owing to numerous technological advancements. Whether it’s transport by road, train, cargo, air, or ocean freight, the way this sector functions would be very different if it wasn’t for a connected world.

Let’s take a look at the changes it has come across:

Lead Generation via Online Presence

Until the mid-90’s, when searches were local and outlets were brick and mortar shops, it was extremely difficult to find a reliable and quick transportation service. Now, advanced search engines and a proper search engine optimization offer top results for finding the most suitable transportation market for us as well as help each different company promote their services. With the majority of the population now trusting online reviews and word of mouth through social media, even startups can have a chance. A chance that was not present a decade ago.

Marketing Solutions

How much attention do we pay to billboards and banners? More often than not we forget about the ad the second it is out of our sight.

Online ads and marketing efforts, on the other hand, make sure the person runs across an ad enough for it to stick to his mind the next time any specific services such as a renowned cargo transporter are needed.

Order Tracking

With the advent of the Internet of Things, shipments can be tracked from point to point and throughout the journey. Not only that, but consumers can track and monitor their specific packets and stay updated on their condition. Years ago the only option was to wait and get a call until the order arrived. Let alone knowing of the order’s conditions until after the package was opened and non-refundable.


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