Why Hosted PBX is the Right Choice for Your Business

Take advantage of Hosted PBX and invest on what's truly important for your business

Take advantage of Hosted PBX and invest on what’s truly important for your business

One type of technology that is considered as a favorite in the telecommunications and business niche is the Hosted PBX. This particular technology holds more plus points than anyone ever thought. While some may still be unfamiliar with this system, those who know will not hesitate to pass it on and encourage the use of it in their own enterprises.


What is Hosted PBX?

‘Hosted’ PBX is operated and maintained by VoIP telephony, meaning that all your processes and activities can be managed on the cloud, regardless of your physical location. Hosted PBX is kind of like a remote station that manages your office network infrastructure, all the while giving you high quality performance and support.


How would it benefit my business?


We will clarify what makes Hosted PBX the ideal choice for your business:


Equipment cost is cut down. Since the connection is ‘hosted’ by an business internet provider, you no longer need to spend on the whole A to Z equipment. Choose the right phone, and you’re all set! Invest in the core of your business, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Call costs are minimal with VoIP. Because VoIP transfers your voice packets over the internet, costs over traditional phone lines are reduced to almost nil. This is a huge plus point for multinational companies that require making international calls.


More facilities = more employees. Everyone wants to have maximum facilities at work. What if one of those meant having the privilege to work from your desired location? Well, with hosted voip, anyone can work simply by connecting to the office network.


Customer service is effortless. With a range of options to select from, you can give your valued callers the treatment they deserve. Choose what suits the situation: Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, Auto-Attendant, Voice to Mail, Call Queues, Follow Me, Music on Hold, and many more aiding services. Better customer service will take your business to the top.


Enjoy Hi-Q voice quality. No matter if it’s a conference, or a simple local call, a broader bandwidth allows a smooth voice packet transition, giving you HD quality calls with your clients.


Stay safe from damage. Since all your data is on the cloud, you are less vulnerable to corporate losses due to fires, storms, and other natural disasters. In case of calamities, your data will stay safe and reachable.


Possibility to set up a QoS. Configuring your QoS according to your business needs ensures that you face zero problems while you use VoIP. QoS regulates your data use, keeping you free from data lag, jitters, and other connectivity problems that are otherwise faced with traditional landline use.


Making the right choice for your business can make a long term impact. Give your business a strong base with Hosted PBX, and enjoy the benefits that follow.

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