Here’s What You Need to Know Before Switching to Business VoIP

Switching to business VoIP gives your organization a competitive edge

Switching to business VoIP gives your organization a competitive edge


Many enterprises are considering a switch-over from regular phone lines to VoIP as their connection preference. There’s a widespread belief that switching involves a complex and difficult procedure, but that’s not the case. With these simple guidelines, we have facilitated what you need to analyze for an easy transition.


What do I need to know?


VoIP is not just any ordinary phone line. It involves an intricate infrastructure that permits the transfer of both voice and internet data packets. It brings a new color to the day-to-day interconnection along with valuable but unique features like low maintenance and billing costs, quick and clean transfers, and for employees the joys of remote working. We share with you some factors that will assist your decision to finalize business VoIP as your communication service.


What do I need to keep in mind?


First, you need to evaluate some rudimentary principles. Will VoIP aid in the workings and processes in the way you expect it to? Once it is clear that it is indispensable to integrate it, the next step is to consider the requirements in terms of hardware and equipment availability and compatibility.


Check your Wiring


VoIP requires a smooth, paved road to be able to transfer and receive data packets without any hindrance. To ensure the QoS in calls and data transfers, and to avoid jitters and interference, your wiring and cables should support the load that VoIP will put on the system. Double-check the present wiring in your establishment, and if it is not up to the mark, rewire it. Perform a quality check to look for inadequate wire sheathing, kinks and unnecessary hindrances that could affect the overall performance of the service.


Bandwidth Evaluation


Unlike regular LAN services, VoIP provides a broader bandwidth as compared to others to ensure a proper packet delivery and transfer. Origen offers unlimited bandwidth, freeing your business from all restrictions. In order to make it work for your specific business needs, make a calculation of the amount of bandwidth you will be taking up. To make it easier, some internet service providers do the math for you, and concoct the perfect recipe suited to your business needs.


With a formula in your hands, you will be able to predict your monthly expenses and never be shocked at receiving your bill.


Equipment Check


Another element that determines usability and quality is the type of modems, switches and routers that are attached to the system, all of which we provide. There is no room for jitters, call drops, bad voice quality, lags, or any other such issue in your daily work. Keep your equipment up-to-date and compatible to assure QoS in your service.


Run a bird’s eye view over your infrastructure


Evaluate the underlying structure of your network. The broader bandwidths that VoIP relies on requires a slight change in the networking. However, with the added benefit of Hosted PBX, you need not to worry about clutter and extensive equipment. With the equipment and servers ‘hosted’ by the company, the only equipment you need is a voip phone and your Hosted PBX service. A higher category cable can do the job well, for example a Cat5e or Cat6 is perfect.


Modern technologies have negated the previous complications that accompanied VoIP; let the advancements take your business to the next level!