Give your Hotel Management 5 Stars with Seamless Communications


Visitors are more likely to pick a technologically advanced hotel

Visitors prefer a hotel with advanced technology

Hotel management is not limited to fancy dinners and cozy bedrooms. Rather, it’s what makes the guest experience memorable.

In the hospitality industry, there are various precursors that are often overlooked and become the reason for a low rating. One such factor is the lack of a remarkable communication experience between guests and the hotel staff.

A software-based IP phone system can turn the tables and eliminate the communication gap as well as add a personalized touch as you serve your clients.

For Guests

  • With the use of IP phones in hotel rooms as well as at the reception desk, guests are able to call the concierge with their names on the concierge’s display, making it easier for the staff to recognize the caller. This saves visitors from having to mention their name and room number each time they call. Being addressed by name also boosts confidence levels and forms a part of a better staying experience.
  • Another way the use of IP phones benefits hotel guests is the reach than this type of connectivity provides. ‘Follow-Me’ is a feature that, well, follows the person you are calling from device to device until they get in touch. If a visitor wishes to contact one specific room service representative, this will allow it. Even better is the fact that no matter which device they reach, it can be accessed via a single phone number. Goodbye to long lists of numbers to remember!
  • Privacy concerns for callers are no longer a worry. If the underlying infrastructure runs on an internet service such as VoIP, any voice data sent through it stays within the provider’s own private IP loop, making these calls impossible to break into. An internet provider such as Origen has handled this type of security well, and provides as many IP loops as needed.
  • IP Phones have a ‘Do Not Disturb’ option that allows silence in the room. That is, guests can either turn their incoming calls off or divert them to another phone to be attended by someone else. This option is as easy to revert as it is to apply using a short code.

For Hotel Management

  • For any business, cost management is a top priority. Hotel management can cut down call costs between staff as well as call costs from any of their IP phones if they base their network on VoIP. VoIP uses the internet to manage voice data, making call costs negligible. One example is Skype, in which all we need is an internet connection. This comes particularly handy when you have international tourists. Imagine handling the cost of all those worldwide calls through a regular phone connection!
  • In the hotel industry, the more rooms the better. Placing your internet on a hosted PBX system puts all equipment off premise, and you no longer have to call (or wait, or schedule, or…) for maintenance at your hotel. Thanks to remote management, the provider is able to solve any problems and update your system regularly, so you do not miss the day’s work worrying over it.


Visitors will always prefer to stay where technology is most advanced. Make your hotel the first one they think of.

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