Ford’s e-bikes on display at the Mobile World Congress


A look at the Ford MoDe E-bike

Ford’s E-bikes have been put on display at the Mobile World Congress

Ford has brought forward yet another one of its amazing vehicles, called e-bikes, which have been aimed to benefit both commuters and couriers alike.


With an increasing concern to reduce pollution and accelerate transport, car companies are looking for newer ways to integrate facility, mobility, and swiftness into a single product.


That is why Ford has come up with a solution for all to use, in the form of e-bikes.


Not one, but two of these bikes have been manufactured and put on display at the Mobile World Congress, destined to provide easy and reliable commuting. One of the bikes has been directed at daily commuters, while the other has been designed to facilitate transport and delivery for couriers.


“There are so many ways to get around a city, but what is really needed is a way to connect all of these transport options together,” said Ken Washington, vice president of Ford Research and Advanced Engineering.


“Being able to seamlessly move between cars, buses, trains and e-bikes and react to changing traffic situations can make a big difference both for commuters and for those delivering goods, services and healthcare.”


Paired with a smartphone app that is currently accessible only from the iPhone 6, the app enables users to stay in touch with built in guides that show the complete route from point A to point B. An additional feature suggests alternative routes in case of traffic jams, or in the case of a missed train.


The physical structure of the e-bikes consists of a 200-watt motor, along with a 9-amp-hour battery that aids pedaling in speeds of up to 15mph. They can also be folded. Sensors engraved in the handlebars alert users about overtaking vehicles, which vibrate when it gets close enough to trigger the response. Safety is prioritized by lit up handlebars to make sure they are within the visibility range even during the night.


The product’s main concern was centered on traffic and pollution emission. With its sleek built, riders can swivel through larger vehicles, thus saving time and staying away from traffic-related stress. A growing concern for green commuting is expected to raise awareness and popularity about e-bikes.


No doubt, this innovation has opened the doors to those seeking an environmentally friendly, yet efficient solution to their transportation problems.