Follow Me – What it is and how it’s used

Use 'Follow Me' to show your callers you are there for them

Use ‘Follow Me’ to show your callers you are there for them

Telecom companies have a single priority: to keep you connected.

Which is why they have come up with ways to reduce and possibly eliminate the chances to be absent in the event of a call. For a business, each and every call is important:

  • Calls for queries can create potential leads
  • Customer complaint calls can turn to positive word of mouth through proper customer service
  • Calls from old customers can pave the way to a strong customer base and clients for life

So, does it make sense to lose valuable calls just because you could not be reached?

Clearly it doesn’t.

‘Follow Me’ is the answer to that problem. By letting you pick a phone number and the devices on which you would like to be reached, any calls made to that number will string through all those pre-set devices, until either the recipient picks up or (as a last resort) it is sent to voicemail. The need to leave a voicemail message is almost negligible.

Suppose someone sets up Follow Me to proceed like this:


Office desk phone > Coworker’s desk phone > Home phone > Tablet > Personal mobile phone > Voicemail


This means the call has a very high chance to be attended, unless it is absolutely not possible.

Not only that, this will require only one phone number to dial, so the caller will not be able to tell if the recipient is at their desk or at the games (Ok, air horns are pretty loud. Never mind.)

Think you could use some freedom without a worry? Let us help set up Follow Me for your business!

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