Evaluation before Implementation – A Head Start to Cloud Security

Cloud Security is today's biggest tech challenges

Cloud Security is today’s biggest tech challenges

They say prevention is better than the cure. An analogy to the fact that evaluation is the first step towards deciding what the next step will be.

Shifting your data on the cloud doesn’t just happen. Neither does applying a cloud security system for your data. It has to be analyzed in order to know what exactly you will be dealing with.

Cisco’s Ken Hankoff, who manages the CASPR (Cloud & Application Service Provider Remediation) Program for IT Risk Management, says:

“We are finding that people understand that not knowing how much or what kind of traffic is going out to CSPs is a real problem. And knowing how much of your data is already on the cloud is the first step to protecting it.”


Businesses are at an increasingly greater risk of data breaches, where targeted companies are often tech-giants. But that doesn’t mean your company is safe if you are an SMB.


A recent survey by the Ponemon Institute showed the average cost per company of successful cyber-attacks increased to $20.8 million in financial services, $14.5 million in the technology sector, and $12.7 million in communications industries


On the brighter side, a trusted Internet Service Provider can guarantee safety, such as Origen’s Private IP loops that shields your voice data from the outside world, making it impossible to trace. Company data, particularly data that has been confined to the cloud, is strictly confidential; there is no reason why its safety should be compromised.

The gravity of the situation can be seen by Ken’s following observation:

“All the companies we engaged discovered that there was considerably more traffic going to cloud service providers than they realized.”

The stats may be alarming, which is the reason why it is very important to evaluate before you go for a provider. Need help? We can take a quick look at your business and tell you what you need.

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