Why putting an end to BYOD is next to impossible

Despite security and other concerns, BYOD is here to stay.

Despite security and other concerns, BYOD is here to stay.

Since the term BYOD (bring your own device) gained hype in the past few years, it has attracted as much criticism as it has gained popularity. Security concerns and the possibility to leak sensitive company data, as well as numerous other issues have made this trend seem risky enough to put it off the cyberworld.

But it hasn’t. And it will not.

So, what makes this collaboration model so hard to give up?

Boost in productivity

The familiarity that a user has developed with his own device makes working through it much faster, and hence contributes to increased productivity.

A survey shows that BYOD-carrying employees work up to 2 extra hours, and have a greater tendency to be available during off-hours, weekends, and even during the holidays.

Company costs are reduced

One very obvious cost-saving advantage that companies cannot overlook is the reduced amount of equipment they have to invest in. Whether it’s their tablet, smartphone, or laptop, any device not bought by the company, but benefited from is a win-win in the BYOD era.

Additionally, the rate at which people adopt newer devices beats the rate at which a company undergoes equipment renewal, so the majority of the staff in a BYOD culture is updated.


As mentioned before, employees can be accessed when not in the 9-5 time zone (if that still exists). But with further access technology like Follow Me aided by the internet service provider of the employing company, it’s possible to make work calls bounce over to the user’s device regardless of the location. Furthermore, an ISP can set up your number to appear as your company’s when you make a call, so you no longer have to be physically available at your office to handle that pending task.


As the preference for smart devices continue to dominate, so will BYOD culture. This study shows that even if an employer does not support it, employees will continue to use their personal devices at work.

About those security risks and criticism? It seems that developers will have to create safer ways to adapt to this instead of inhibiting the trend altogether.

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