Easy Ways to Go Green at the Workplace

go green workplace


Going green has become a necessity more than a choice, not just because it is essential for the future, but for the immediate positive changes it brings.

Workplaces are one of the most common places where green initiatives can be efficiently applied. Here are a few ways you can introduce a ‘Go Green’ program at the office:

Pull the plug

Many office appliances and devices have a standby or sleep option, which is usually unnecessary energy consumption. Turn devices completely off, such as printers, scanners, and microwave ovens in the cafeteria. Opt for energy-saving settings in your computers/laptops, and turn off all chargers when they are not needed.


Lighten up

Although the use of incandescent bulbs has lost popularity since Thomas Edison first invented it, many people still don’t know how energy saving bulbs and LED lighting can cut energy usage and make the place look much fresher, while saving your office money at the same time.

Large windows and the use of daylight improves productivity, alertness, and an overall brightness to the workplace that bulbs can never replace.


 Opt for green ventilation

Clean air reduces illness and lung-related problems such as asthma among coworkers. Have coworkers smoke outside, if needed, and get your office ventilation set up by specialists such as EvoAir. Look for the greenest option that suits your needs and make the office a healthier place.

Since there can’t be anything more natural than pure oxygen, adding indoor office plants is a great idea to freshen up. Here’s a list of plants that are ideal for keeping the air clean and free of toxins.


Go digital

This may sound redundant for a computer-work-based office, but you might be surprised how many ways we can avoid wasting resources, for example, by keeping things online instead of using paper documents. Using email instead of letters can also reduce the amount of paper you will be consuming, especially if you use this medium daily to communicate.

Another way you can save yourself from heaps of paper (and paper cuts) is by transferring your data to the cloud. Not only is it much easier to search as compared to leafing through every page and index, but it also much easier to take that vital information with you if you decide to change your location.

Last but not least, opting for off-premise equipment saves you from the guilt of disposing all that plastic. Hosted services can use the same equipment for a number of companies for a long time period, reducing the boxes and packing that accompanies new hardware each time a company is set up, and the waste that ends in the trash when the company disposes of it.

Find out how Hosted Services can help your business save money and space.


Save Save Save

The least you can do, if nothing at all, is to reduce the amount of resources and office utilities on a daily basis. For example:

  • Set your printer to print on both sides of the paper
  • Buy in bulk to minimize packaging
  • Reuse/recycle boxes if your company ships and receives packages on a regular basis
  • Buy recycled goods
  • Turn off lights/taps etc. when not needed
  • Pour water on plants instead of draining it
  • Use reusable utensils in the office cafeteria. Bring your own if needed.


Commute Greener

To reduce the carbon footprint, choosing carpools is a good option. While walking or cycling to work can be more strenuous, it’s a great way to keep in shape!

Working from home is one other way to greener work. This eliminates the electricity/water consumption of each employee since they are not physically present, and the absence of the commute to work means no fuel to burn.

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How are your company’s ethics contributing to a greener workplace?

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