What dumphones have that smartphones don’t

Some smartphones still miss some of these handy features

Some smartphones still miss some of these handy features

As an adult living in an increasingly ‘smart’ world, anyone who doesn’t own a smart device is considered…well, dumb. On the other hand, as the number of gadgets and devices you whip up in public increases, you’re automatically given an irrational amount of respect. That amount of respect is directly proportional to how new the gadget is in the market.


Based on my personal experience of using two phones, one a dumphone to handle messages and calls, and a smartphone for internet browsing and staying connected, I’d like to elucidate why I wish the latest smartphones had some of these long-lost delicacies.


I’m often asked (with a hint of arrogance) why I still use that block of buttons when I have a perfect smartphone that’s much quieter. Well, there’s more than one reason.


It goes without saying that smartphones have far more advantages over their 2-inch monochromatic screen predecessors. From leisure apps like games and social media, to resourceful add-ons like Google maps and email notifications, there’s no plausible reason why anyone would abandon their smooth shiny screens. But hear me out, and you’ll probably dig in the attic to bring that brick back to life.


Longer Battery Life


I’m a battery freak. The minute I unplug my smartphone, I start evaluating when the next charging session should proceed. But with my dumbphone? Let’s pretend it doesn’t come with a charger. With no background apps and large screens to power up, dumbphones will survive till the last drop of energy. No more cut-off calls followed by a run to the nearest plug.


Ease of use


We’ve all been victims to typos when using touch screens. Unlike with buttoned phones, where we are able to sense and even read with our fingertips without looking, typing on a smartphone requires more attention, often accompanied by the well-known autocorrect fails. Don’t forget the times we tapped on something else because it was oh-so-close to what we were directed at. It’s things like these that make me want to slam the phone to a wall. And I’m pretty sure my dumbphone will survive the impact.




One thing we never had to worry about was having our security at stake. With more and more advancements to place and backup personal data on the internet, we’re more likely to have our accounts open to threats. I remember all we needed to worry about with dumbphones was to not get it wet.


Less distractions


When was the last time you checked Facebook? Two minutes ago? I think it’s time to check again because who knows, maybe you got some likes. Also keep an eye on your Twitter feed and notifications. What? That very important project that’s due in two hours can wait.




Just how many different designs can you make from a rectangular piece of flat glass? Or, if we loosen the slack, into how many forms can you mold the half centimeter perimeter so that each new model looks different? Design engineering was obviously not a hassle when you had a multitude of possibilities to arrange and mold. From flip phones to sliders, each one could be recognized from a mile away, while smartphones look just about the same.




We’ve all heard of the delicacy of glass screens when these crybabies smash to pieces, which can only be fixed with a replacement. Dumbphones, on the other hand, are well known for their sturdy, robust bodies and industrial strength cases. No matter what hits them, they will not show even the slightest glitch in their operating system, and continue to work as if nothing happened. Don’t believe me? Try the Nokia 3310!


So, while it may not be appealing to click away on my traditional set, there’s more to it than meets the eye. After all, it’s the inside that counts, no?