Cisco Connected Transportation with IoT: More than just finding a parking spot

The Internet of Things (IoT) pairs well with the transport industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) pairs well with the transport industry

If your business is related to the transport industry, be it delivery services, a supply chain, or a rent-a-car service, you must be familiar with a sense of disconnectedness that accompanies this type of occupation.

From keeping a record of the miles travelled, to fuel management, driver assessment, and location tracking, each step and each task can be supervised better with the introduction of the Internet of Things. That is where Cisco Connected Transportation comes in. This leading technology and increased connectivity allows for a better management of drivers and supervisors alike.

Here’s what IoT has done to change the way the transport and logistics industry operates:

Faster delivery and tracking

Remember when waiting for home delivery services meant hoping your order reached in one piece, especially if it was a fragile or costly package? IoT lets you keep track of the condition of the package as well as the exact location of it. Furthermore, this gives a better customer service because replacing and returning goods is no longer a complicated process.

Safety first

What’s the use of technology, if people’s safety remains compromised? Cisco’s solutions keep drivers and managers alert by updating them on the traffic, road conditions, and available routes. This ensures the safety of the involved group, as well as can alert the systems to send in emergency help in the event of an accident. Faster road clearing times prevents further disturbance, and drivers are able to foresee which lanes and paths will work best.

Greener Transportation

The transport industry can see a cut in costs by directing transport vehicles to the shortest and obstruction-free routes. IoT connected transport can help managers keep track of the driver’s speed, mileage of the vehicle, fuel consumption, and detect any unusual patterns such as overheating. Together, by being able to monitor environment-affecting factors, we can reduce the carbon footprint and pollution.

Cisco has been a network hardware and equipment provider for over 30 years, and is continuing to expand and develop innovative technology to help the world stay connected. Origen proudly supplies Cisco Technology and hardware to provide the best in all industries. Find out which equipment works best for you, or let one of our specialists give you a free assessment!

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