Business VoIP: A growing spell for micro, small, and medium sized businesses

Business VoIP telephony lets SMBs handle calls effortlessly

Business VoIP telephony lets SMBs handle calls effortlessly

Each country has a different definition for the word SMB, where the number of employees is the determining factor. As a business grows, so do the number of employees. And so do the incoming and outgoing calls that are crucial for the functioning of any company.

If not handled well, this increase in call volume can backlash and prove to be a weak point that will only get worse with the passage of time.

Now, large enterprises can easily find the resources to manage calls, and even dedicate a whole department for this purpose. But with 98.2% businesses defined as SMBs in Canada, there’s a solid reason to why more and more companies are opting for a telephony solution that would give their employees the chance to be more productive at their respective positions rather than spend the day on the phone.

Business VoIP, unlike a traditional telephone line service, comes with a set of features that have been specifically engineered to tackle the problems faced by SMB employees. IP Phones built according to the number of conference participants and extensions make it easier to decide what equipment will be the most compatible.

One of the main features is the Auto Attendant option, which is far more than an automatic answering system. Having this integration in your network system:


Gives a bigger impression about the size of your business:

From a customer’s viewpoint, a call can give out many hints about the standard of its company. A company with few employees has more work to be done, and if a staff member attends these calls and sounds rushed, unprofessional, or ill-informed, that impression will last and possibly turn to bad publicity.

On the contrary, having a system to attend and manage calls to the right departments gives the opposite effect and an impression that you are a well-managed enterprise.

Saves time and money:

  • Most SMBs can’t hire a full-time employee for this responsibility
  • Constant calls makes way for distraction and lost productivity, causing a gradual decline in profits
  • Cold calling has been consuming a significant amount of time; an automated system will be able to deal with such situations with ease and without actual human intervention
  • Fewer employees means more workload, which makes it harder to pay attention to actual productive work. You need all the focus you can to successfully run and grow your SMB.

Gives a competitive edge over other emerging startups and SMBs:

  • Presence: For a small business, any call can be an opportunity to grow and learn, and may even hold something your business has been looking for. If a large percentage of calls are missed due to the inability to handle them all in a professional way, you will fall back to the majority of small businesses that, well, stay small.

Business VoIP hands over its users a feature called ‘Follow Me’ that lets calls deviate from one device to another, reaching the call to its user. This way, no call goes unattended, and you never miss any important calls.


  • No time zone inconvenience: If your business handles clients that have different time zones, there’s a possibility they might reach you when you are off. In order to provide the best customer service, an automated menu can navigate them to the assistance they need for the time being, and they can reach you at a later hour.

What’s important is being there for your customers.


If you are interested in knowing more how your SMB can have a chance in the growing competition, start by giving it what others won’t. Learn about Business VoIP here.

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