About the Aastra 6867i VoIP Phone

The Aastra 6867i VoIP phone comes packed with new features

The Aastra 6867i VoIP phone comes packed with new features


Regardless of the type of business you run, there will always be a need to stay connected with your clients, employees, team members, and on some occasions, with your family. In that case, it is essential for a company to have the latest business telephony equipment available at hand.


Aastra Telephones are what completes the requirements every enterprise has for a reliable connectivity.


The Aastra 6867i is an example of a simple, easy-to-use, yet efficient telephone that can handle anything you throw at it ( literally; they are robust and surprisingly strong)

Judging from their appearance, they may seem a bit plain and flat, but once they are configured, their performance does the convincing.


With a pleasantly bright 3.5″ QVGA screen, which is easy to read, and easy to navigate, the phone accepts DHSG/EHS headsets, and has support for up to 3 expansion modules. The voice quality, which is the core of any telephone, is top-notch and noticeably clearer than traditional VoIP Phones.


The outstanding phone includes the following amenities:


  • 9 Line extensions
  • Dual microphones
  • Support for G.722 HD Voice
  • 3.5″ color QVGA display
  • DHSG/EHS headset
  • Support for up to 3 expansion modules
  • Dual Gigabit RJ45 Ports
  • Power over Ethernet


Carry out a ‘test drive’ for the Aastra 6867i , and be amazed at the results!

User Review
  • Provisioning - 10/10
  • Performance - 10/10
  • Sound Quality - 10/10


The phone has an outstanding user review. Being easy to use yet sophisticated enough to perform all needed tasks, the set is a true winner.