Aastra 6865i 9 Line VoIP Phone

The Aastra 6865i VoIP phone is ideal for multitasking.

The Aastra 6865i VoIP phone is ideal for multitasking.

Jumping up to the Aastra 6865i, we will see a huge uplift when we compare it to its predecessor. Rising altogether from 2 to 9 lines, this is far more powerful and efficient in its own. Supporting up to 3 expansion modules, Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports, and nesting 8 programmable keys, this one is perfect for all types of use in the market, be it a small, medium, or large business.


This model has evolved in a way that being a VoIP Phone, it accommodates modern benefits like:


  • Employee Extension: Every employee can now hold multiple lines through an extension, with their own personal voicemail
  • Follow Me: This is probably the apple of everyone’s eye. Follow me allows calls to be transferred to a preferred device after a fixed number of rings. Furthermore, if that second device fails to be attended, the call “follows” a third one, in a way that no call goes unattended, and no customer goes unattended if it is incorporated in your Customer Service System
  • Conference Rooms: With this handy feature, you can host up to 8 people in your dedicated conference room.
  • ​With Business VoIP benefits added, the built in performance of the Aastra 6865i can be increased tenfold.


Once again, characteristic of all Aastra phones, the voice quality is tip top and crisp. Hi-Q technology keeps HD quality up to the mark whether it’s on speakerphone, on the headset, or your handset.


The 6865i is proud to host DHSG/EHS, modular 4-pin headset connections, shared call appearance, busy lamp field, and features such as 3-way conferencing, call waiting, call park to attend calls later when possible, intercom, and paging. Not to mention a 3.4″ bright monochromatic display and a rock solid body capable of withstanding a regular-to-rough daily handling routine.


So many traits concentrated into one piece of equipment makes us wonder what the next one will surprise us with!

User Review
  • User Experience - 10/10


This simple yet effective phone is one of the primary phones in the series, which is why it is easy to use and operate.