Aastra 6863i 2 Line VoIP Phone

The Aastra 6863i VoIP phone is simple, yet feature rich for regular office use.

The Aastra 6863i VoIP phone is simple, yet feature rich for regular office use.

This one is the simplest in the Aastra 6800i series. Made to hold 2 lines, it has been designed for when you would need a basic telephone use. It’s a 2 line Entry Level VoIP phone, holding a 2.75″ monochromatic display. Engineered for a regular office routine, it comes packed with the capability to support a wideband frequency range, as well as offering 100 BaseT Ethernet ports with advanced XML features. This makes it ideal for small businesses as well as for  large businesses looking for a clean, smoothly operable set.


Being supportive of VoIP Technology, it hosts numerous advantages including:

  • ​​​​Call Tagging, which allows you to know which one of many numbers is being called.
  • Instant Recording of calls of your choice, sent as an audio file directly to your inbox.
  • Enhanced Call Forwarding, allowing you to forward your calls to another device in the following cases:  Busy, No Answer or Line Unavailable.


Having 2 lines, this phone is preferably used for typical tasks that generally do not require full fledged and complicated configurations.


Simple as it is, its performance regarding voice quality is not at all flat. With a Hi-Q audio technology, it offers a HD quality during calls, making sure the voice from both sides is crystal clear. VoIP’s broad bandwidth allows a smoother voice packet transfer, eliminating lags, echoes, and jitters.


Last but not least, this robust phone comes equipped with a number of handy aspects including call logs, transfer options, programmable keys, redial lists, an extensive storage capacity for directories, and the elementary phone set commands such as redial, hold, mute, and speaker.


The Aastra 6863i sure is a foolproof product made by business phone systems for easy handling and satisfying results.


User Review
  • Ease of Use - 10/10
  • Multitasking - 10/10


Keeping in mind the simplicity of the phone, users were satisfied at the multitasking capabilities the set carried. It is best suitable for simple office use where the basic business phone specifications need to be fulfilled.