6 Things to Look for when Choosing the Right Data Center

Keep these 6 traits in mind when you look for a data center

Keep these 6 traits in mind when you look for a data center

Choosing any type of service provider is a hefty task for any type of industry. One wrong decision can trigger a chain of negative events that will lead to the downfall of your business. Such is the way in which one asset affects the other.

Choosing a data center is one of those decisions that impacts the progress and working of a company, and it requires extensive research. This is why we have compiled a few points to consider before you take out your wallet and sign any contract.

Pay a visit

Nothing compares to being physically present when analyzing and comparing different data centers. It’s more than often that online information and advertisements are considered reliable enough to trigger a purchase or subscription. Which becomes the leading cause of dissatisfaction and possibly fraud later on.

Pay a visit to the providers you are interested in, and if possible, ask for a demo or test drive for their services. Ask any question you have and erase any doubt you came with. Any good data center will be willing to answer and satisfy your queries, so this is another cue to look for.

Take a look at the equipment

If you are interested in cutting costs by using no on-premise equipment such as in Hosted PBX solutions, then check for branded and reliable hardware and equipment from trusted manufacturers. Ask how often they update and refresh their data center, because when your business moves forward, there’s no reason your infrastructure should fall behind.

Who’s behind the screen?

Any service can be judged by how good it works. However, a service is judged better by observing how efficiently it can solve any issues when it doesn’t. The technicians and engineers behind any data center will be the ones to ensure your business processes are working the way they are supposed to, and the ones to come forward and solve issues when things go wrong. Ask about their response time and evaluate their knowledge before you decide they are worthy enough to entrust your business to.

Redundancy and outage control

Outages happen. What’s important is having a backup plan for when they do. One of the things to look for is redundancy and outage management. The best data centers have their structure set up so well, that any lags due to outages or glitches go unnoticed. Good data centers will be proud to display their uptime when asked for it, while others will hesitate.


Security should be the top priority when you start your quest. This refers to both physical and structural protection from external and internal threats. In telecommunications, one example is ensuring that the network revolves around private loops that makes sure data stays within the systems, making it impossible to leak out in the open.

Other things to look for include security fences, password/fingerprint enabled systems, and security cameras.

Mobility and Scalability

Without these two points, your business will not have the freedom to expand and move at will, nor will it have the possibility to branch out or relocate itself. Look for scalable solutions that grow with your business, and options that move with you.

Keeping these measures in mind will facilitate your quest to find a data center that is both right as well as profitable.

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