5 spring cleaning tips for your telecom budget

These spring cleaning tips for your telecom budget will eliminate the extra costs that are hurting your business.

Even your telecom needs a good spring cleaning

Spring is often associated with eliminating year-round accumulations that are no longer useful, and items that would be dead weight for the rest of the year.

This method to stay clutter-free can be applied to households and businesses alike. In a functioning company, it’s best to start off with the financial parts of it. This ensures that the current year will bring less unwanted costs and unexplained fees.

Ready to begin your telecom spring cleaning?

1. Cut extra costs

The first and foremost duty is to take a thorough look at your telecom expenses. Does it look fair? Does the output compensate for the bill?

This is a good time to consider the list of services you have opted for. Do you really need that extra bandwidth? If you feel you are paying more than what your company uses, start by going for a feasible plan. Internet service providers often have carefully structured plans that tend to the requirements of a company depending on size. An experienced consultant can evaluate your data usage and rule out what is both feasible as well as sufficient.

2. Does your ISP offer free calls?

Try as you might, there is absolutely no way you can avoid making calls to reduce costs. However, there is a way to make calls over the same internet that you have subscribed for, so those calls don’t make it to the bill. This is possible with VoIP (voice over internet protocol). An example of a famous software that uses this is Skype.

With VoIP providers like Origen, you can make unlimited long distance calls within Canada and the USA. Having that handled, the rest of the call costs will be minimal.

3. Cancel maintenance and repair charges

Having to wait on the IT guy to arrive and start a routine maintenance check is half the agony. The other half is the regular amount of cash that goes out in the process.

Hosted servers can eliminate all that. Having your servers at your ISP’s location not only saves you space (which comes handy when you are renting), but also puts an end to the allocated budget for maintenance.

Additionally, the absence of actual servers and cables makes the place physically neat, giving you something less to worry about when you spring clean hardware.

Find out how Hosted PBX can cut your maintenance costs

4. Ditch those old phones

Spring cleaning is all about making space for new, fresher items and discarding used and weary ones. This makes it the perfect time to invest in newer equipment. By giving your staff advanced telephones and technology, you are investing in better productivity and a better work management. If chosen properly, this decision can go a long way and give you more than you could expect.

Learn which phone is best for your specific business

5. Give your telecom a full makeover

Last but not least, this part of the year can be a good time to rethink your telecom choice. If you feel you need to try out something more personalized and suited to your needs, completely changing providers can be one way to do it.

Before switching, make sure you know what you will be needing.

Some providers boast about the fullest package they have, claiming to include everything you need. Most people would think this will cover their needs, and will go for it. Bad idea.

A greater bandwidth and unlimited features may work flawlessly, but if you’re using only half of the full bucket, it means you’re paying double of what you’re using.

Also, avoid “too good to be true” bundles. If they are charging way too little for something way too good, chances are they are compromising on quality. Have a test drive if they allow it.

Best of all, have an IT consultant give you a quote based on your business data usage, so you will always be sure you chose the right plan.

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