2015 is the year of VoIP, and the world knows it

2015 has been much about VoIP

2015 has been much about VoIP

In April 2015, the business world recognized and welcomed one of the best-known communication mediums worldwide, altered as an operational medium for enterprises known as Skype for Business.

More commonly known for its video and voice calls, Skype functions on the basic principle of the transfer of voice via the internet rather than over traditional telephone lines. Sound familiar?

But the question in mind is, why VoIP? Why did one of the largest and widely used communication softwares choose this specific medium as its infrastructure, and what made it capable enough to extend its services to the business niche? The answer is because of the manifold benefits VoIP has harbored to enterprises over the years.

Here’s a few you can relate to:

Multiple Numbers

Multinational or branched companies have to deal with as many phone lines as their branches, which can cause mayhem when it comes to maintenance and costs.

With VoIP, on the other hand, you have the power to route and manage all lines under a single international number, thus creating convenience for you as well as to a larger customer base.

Furthermore, if your phone is configured with a PBX server and set up to be used with Skype for Business, you can use it to communicate within your organization. Another Skype feature is that it allows you to place a call from your own device (personal/home phone) using its interface, while displaying your office phone number at the receiver’s end.

Conference calls

Oh, the dreaded conference calls. Luckily, you can stop cringing at the sound of it (literally), thanks to superior Hi-Q Audio that has zero-tolerance for jitters and repetitions. Today’s technology has figured a way to deal with the problems of the past. With QoS enabled with the help of your VoIP service provider, you can be sure everything else can wait until your impeccable voice call is over.

Remote management

Employees around the world are no longer bound to their cubicles with the help of remote working. This immediately broadens the possibility to bring mobility to the workplace — which can be anywhere. It has also been proven to enhance productivity, which is a much sought after trait in today’s increasingly quick business world.

Polycom’s employees have decided to prove the point, where they explore new workplaces and share their experiences, all of which are positively inspiring.

Never lose a call

It goes without saying that lost calls mean lost opportunities. When you’re on the go, at home, or just outside the office, your calls can be configured to ‘Follow’ you. With the advent of smartphones and digital awareness, this no longer seems an option, but rather a necessity.

With the year 2015 reaching its second half, we have observed that the aforementioned aspects have never before been as crucial to business as they are now.

What are you doing to keep yours up-to-date?

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