1 Gb Fiber Internet frees you from red-bar-grey-bar video loading races

1 GB fiber internet gives smooth video browsing

No more slowdowns with 1 GB fiber internet


Whether you are browsing videos at home or work, we’ve all found ourselves hoping the red bar doesn’t catch up with the grey loading bar. We try closing all tabs, limiting the bandwidth to make loading faster. And if it still doesn’t work, we blame it on our internet connection.

No doubt, the culprit is the speed. And this is not limited to video browsing. Any process requiring a fast internet connection or even an average connection will take ages to complete, which is the real problem in work-related scenarios. Downloading files would be a royal pain. Having a video conference would be humorous episodes of CEOs in frozen stances. And each day’s tasks would pile to the next day.

Don’t let slow internet compromise the development of your business.

Origen offers fiber internet unlike any traditional internet service provider, allowing you to swim through any website and load videos instantly without worrying about buffering. With QoS (Quality of Service), we can funnel the bandwidth in the exact proportion that suits each dedicated task. With fewer performance lags as a result, and our company policy that stores extra bandwidth capacity to avoid oversubscription, you can feel the difference when you connect with us.

Updated functions like a Multi-Homed BGP Network, IPv6 support, and undeniably good Pingdom reports have made us one of the leading business internet providers in Canada. Paired with Cisco certified and trustworthy equipment, we ensure you are well-equipped in all known aspects.

Anyone leaving our premises with a deal leaves with a promise for perfection.

Let us prove it for you.

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